At any construction sites and other work places, safety should always come first. There are construction accessories that will keep the work area neat and safe.

Electrical leads or cords must be run on stands or hangers to provide safe route through the work passageways and areas. This will also provide enough height clearance for vehicles and personnel. Electrical lead stands are the perfect instrument to keep leads off the ground in warehouses and construction areas.

There are two commonly used electrical lead stands, the tripod stand and the stand alone.
The tripod stand is designed to be used on flat surfaces and even on rough terrain. Also, most of the tripod stands are height adjustable. The three adjustable height legs make it possible for the stand to erect stable even in uneven surfaces.

Electrical Lead Stands

The stand alone electrical lead stand can be easily be transported and installed. It is notable to say that this stand is light weighted which reduces manual handling risks because there are no heavy bases that will be drag around. When working on decks, this stand can remain stable in place during a pour. It can also slide over starter bars. Its bar can also protrude at a certain length. Just like the tripod stand, the height of the stand alone can also be adjusted. There is no need for tools or other support material to hold it down. And it can also be easily be stored when not yet in used.

Electrical lead stands are usually made from galvanised steel with hook that provides additional weights. Sometimes they are also counter weighted with bucket of sand or rock to maintain stability. And the unique top assembly is made from non-conductive polypropylene. When looking for much safer stands, see to it that you choose the ones with steel fingers or hooks which are plastic or rubber coated. Steel fingers or hooks are the part of the stand that holds the leads up. They need to be plastic or rubber coated to make the contact to the lead less abrasive, avoid lead cuts, and prevent mechanical damage thus having additional strength and safety. Another safety feature of stand that you need to take note of is that it is powder coated with yellow so that it is highly visible to workers and the public even when there is less light.

Electrical lead stands are the most convenient accessory you will need to have in your work place to raise all your electrical leads above your head height. These are ideal work-mate so to say that can provide you a safe working environment. Think about safety first and use electrical lead stands that are of good quality and standard.