May 2013

2013 started with a bang. Cape Lambert has kept us fairly busy with several of our main suppliers requiring bracketing and cable tray components. Our range of cable drum frames has proved very popular with multiple orders on all sizes. To this end we have developed a brochure and price list detailing our most popular stands. Outside of the standard range we have also made frames designed to be unrolled by forklift for underground work and frames designed to both transport cable drums on the back...
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November 2012

We have had a busy year with a run on Cable Drum Frames and several large projects. After working with Germanisher Lloyd our workshop has now been accredited to GL (Lloyds of London) standards. This means we are qualified to undertake work to international shipping standards. This can be helpful for any offshore items and/or anything to do with shipping. In the next six months we will be working on product development. We constantly try and improve our range of cable drum frames as we will...
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November 2011

We are now fully moved into our new premises. We have kept our old smaller workshop and this is now dedicated to galvanised steel stocks and specific projects. I have been doing a recent update of our contact list. If you have changed your details or know of anyone who has recently joined your team please email me their contact details ( Obviously as people move around we seem to lose contact with some and gain some new ones so we...
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