Functions of Cable Drum Frames

16 Tonne Cable Frame

Cable drum frames will ensure that your cable drums are ready to be pulled neatly and easily. Whether you are working with telephone, security, or coaxial cables, the cable drum frame can serve as reel or drum manager that will help you easily transport and dispense coiled cabling. They can be easily stored too. Cable drum frames come in different sizes and designs for proper functions. There are also manufacturer who do custom-made designs. These ensure all you cables and wires are ready to be pulled whenever you need them. Here are the types of cable drum frames with their functions.

Cart and dollies or cable cradle type

Cart and dollies, cable cradle type or the track n trolley are designed to hold small drums up to 100kg. Also, they are designed to work in narrow aisles or limited openings and spaces which are too narrow for a lift to operate. The two side swivel casters of the cart and dollies provide solution for needed manoeuvrability. Since wide aisle is not required, the cable cradle allows more usage of storage spaces. Although the cable-cradle type look so simple but it actually offers great utility.

One ton triple cable drum frame

Not only will the one ton triple cable drum frame double your drum roll need but will make it triple. It also provides better efficiency by maximizing your most valued space. The 1 ton triple cable drum frame is a great equipment to perform your operations efficiently and effectively. It allows you to triple your drums for different types of cable on the same horizontal plane. It may also have wire guides that smoothly and easily allow you to pull the raw product from the frame. Its upright triangular shape provides strength and stability which can hold up to a total of 1 ton of rolls or drums.

One ton to 20 tons single cable drum frame

One ton to 20 tons single cable drum frame is also known as the heavy-duty cable drum frame. This type of cable drum frame is very durable. It can carry heavy materials from one place to another. The ergonomic part of this cable drum frame like the upright frames, solid steel drum axles, and galvanized-steel structures make operations easy and smooth. It is perfect for different types of load – heavy or light drums. This type of cable drum is well-designed to make sure that heavy cable drums or reels stay in place for transport and safekeeping. Also, it is very economical because it can be used again and again with other types of cable wires.

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