There are many electrical leads and cords that extend power supplies to equipment used in work places and especially construction areas in Perth. And these leads or cords can be dangerous when not handled with proper care. Construction accessories like electrical lead stands will solve cord clutter and make your work place neater and safer. Here are some of the advantages of having your electrical leads or cords hanged at electrical lead stands.

Electrical cords should be ideally be run on hangers or stands to give safe route through the work place and passageways. These stands will also provide ample height clearance for workers and vehicles. Electrical lead stands are great accessories in your warehouse or construction sites that can prevent your leads off the ground.

Tripod stands and the stand alone stands work effectively in any workplaces. Tripod stands have three height legs which are adjustable, making them perfect not only for flat surfaces but also for rough, uneven terrains. They also are height adjustable. Electrical lead stands like the stand alone ones can be easily installed, transported, and also stored when not in use yet. These stands have the light weight characteristic which is an advantage since it lessens the risks of manual handling because no heavy bases are drag around. When used on decks, these stands stay stable during pour. They also can slide over starter bars. Also, just as tripod stands do, the height is adjustable and no other materials or tools are needed to hold them down.

Galvanised steel is what these electrical lead stands are made of. They are hard, sturdy and can lasts for a long time. The top assembly of the stands are uniquely made from non-conductive polypropylene. Steel finger or hooks of the stands which hold the leads up should be coated with non-conductive material like plastic or rubber to protect the lead from cuts, lessen abrasive, and prevent mechanical damage. With the hooks or steel fingers properly coated with rubber or plastic will add more strength and safety. One more safety feature of most electrical leads stands is that they are yellow powder coated, making the stands highly visible to the public and the personnel working at the site even when it is a bit dark.

There are many benefits of having electrical lead stands in Perth in any construction sites and work areas. They are convenient accessories that are great in raising all the electrical leads or cords at head height. These ideal instruments provide safety including peace of mind in the work environment. Always ensure your safety in the work place and make use of only good quality electrical lead stands.