Characteristics of Qualifying Galvanised Steel Suppliers

In any business, suppliers are very important element that will provide goods and services that can add big values to a business. The character of suppliers has a great impact on the quality of service delivery. To guide us in determining which galvanised steel suppliers that best suit our business, here are some characteristics that you might want to evaluate when qualifying potential galvanised steel suppliers in Perth.

Experience: They don’t really have to be deal breaker however knowing your prospective supplier has galvanised steel products shipped successfully into the market shows that they have a level of safety, quality, testing & regulatory competency. As much as possible don’t engage with steel suppliers with limited experience. You need to always evaluate samples of their galvanised steel products.

Quality as Their Priority: It is very important that you and the supplier are on the same track when it goes to product quality that is acceptable. You also need to assess the supplier’s potential by reviewing their procedures and documents. This may not give everything that you will need, however it is a great thing to start with. It can also be a great determination of quality to visit and see for yourself the production floor. What materials and equipment do they use in fabricating steel products? What manner of workmanship are they applying?

Open & Honest: Determine whether your supplier acts and works with integrity in your every interaction. Evaluate if they complete each plan and detail they said to make. Look into the supplier management team’s operating mind set.

Communication: Consider how quick your supplier is in responding to your concerns, questions, or opportunities. See to it that they communicate well and clear. The speed will mean nothing when confusion persists.

Attitude: Determine the level of willingness of your supplier in attending to your requests or concerns. Observe if they are making sure they are providing you with the best service they can offer. Gauge your supplier’s interest in doing business with you. You should feel like a priority every time you transact with them and not feel like just an after though.

The above listed characteristics reflect the internal values of an ideal company. These might not be aligned to some company needs and/or operating style but it’s better to have a guide to what traits a business or a supplier must have. You need to know your business’ core values and based on these criteria choose a qualified galvanised steel supplier. When you do this, you can provide yourself and your supply chain a great chance at progressing over the long term.

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