Advantages of Cable Ladder and Cable Ladder Brackets

Cable ladder is an economical cable management system which is designed to protect and support electrical cables and wires. It is permitted in different outdoor and indoor applications. This system may provide remarkable benefits of cable fill compared to other methods of wiring.

Advantages of using Cable Ladder Brackets Perth System

  • You can save installation labour and material costs since cable ladder has increased cable fill compared to other wiring methods.
  • There’s an increased in conductor ampacity because cable ladder has full ventilation that provide big savings in the costs of conductor.
  • Cable ladder occupies less space rather permits greater spacing between the support hangers, requiring less labour compared to similar conduit and wire system.
  • Cable ladder has up to three meters support spans that save labour and material support costs.
  • Metal made cable ladders may be also utilised as ground conductor equipment.
  • With cable ladder system, cables may enter or drop out at any point in the system ladder even without expensive fittings or boxes.
  • Permitted within the cable ladder system are cable splices which are accessible and don’t project above the tray’s top most part.
  • When you want to add future cables to an existing system of cable ladder, installation is very easy and hassle free. It is also easy to make future cable taps & splices.
  • Cables are exposed and can be easily seen from top to bottom and this is significant for trace outing or trouble shooting. Cables which are installed can be inspected easily and any cable faults will be located and repaired without totally replacing the original cable run with new ones.
  • The side rail flanges can protect the cables from any damages.
  • The designs of the rung permit an easy cable exit (drop out) without the sharp edges that may damage the cable.

Cable Ladder Brackets

Brackets are often used for suspending ladder or tray from the ceiling, also fixing to a wall and/or for floor mounting. Brackets prevent metal fittings from falling away. The different kinds of brackets are support bracket, ceiling bracket, lighting bracket, wall bracket, and there are other more brackets. These brackets are very important part of the cable ladder system to keep the ladder/tray safe and fixed above the ground.

Companies in Perth which uses electronic equipment should be mindful to keep the wires and cables properly. Avoid the mess and any unwanted accidents that can be caused by damaged cables. Use a complete cable management system for routing data, power, and control cables. And most importantly, install your cables on a cable ladder system that complies with the installer and cables’ safety requirements.

We also supply cable tray support in Perth.